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Joe Rosenthal

Joe Rosenthal was one of the most famous war photographers of our time. People have several reasons why they think World War II started and the most well-known theory is that Adolf Hitler wanted domination of Europe and he had the assistance of the Nazi Party to attempt to achieve this goal.

Photographer Joe Rosenthal

In 1939 Hitler invaded Poland and as a result, France and Great Britain declared war on Germany. This led to World War II and in the beginning of the War, the United States didn't get involved.

However, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the United States declared war on Germany and Japan, and in 1944 American soldiers invaded Normandy's beaches. The war ended in 1945 after Hitler's suicide and after Germany and Japan surrendered. The one photographer who captured this victory was Joe Rosenthal.

Joe Rosenthal was a photographer who earned a Pulitzer Prize for the World War II photo "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima", which occurred during the Battle of Iwo Jima. In order to take this historic photo, Rosenthal piled stones and a sandbag so he could stand on a tall surface to take the picture. Rosenthal was born in Washington D.C. and as a young adult he relocated to San Francisco, where he graduated from the University of San Francisco.

In 1945 he became a photographer for the Associated Press and it was during this time that he captured revealing photos of American soldiers during World War II. According to his obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Pulitzer committee called this photo "a frozen flash of history" and that it depicted the "war's greatest moment."

The obituary also stated that "Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima" is the best-known combat photo of World War II. Rosenthal's photo has been reproduced on postage stamps and it was used as a symbol of the war during a bond drive that raised $26.3 billion.

But it wasn't just the historic Iwo Jima photo that was a highlight of Joe Rosenthal's career. Throughout the war he took various pictures of the Marines as they performed their duties through the South Pacific. Rosenthal also worked as a photographer for The San Francisco Chronicle from 1946 to 1981.

His daughter Anne said about him, "He had more persistence than anyone I ever knew and he cared about his work." Rosenthal died in 2006 and that year he was posthumously given the Distinguished Public Service Medal.


The Rumor Mill

The rumor mill has hacked up an un-factual nugget about Joe Rosenthal that basically stated that he used to like to take out of focus pictures of Frisbees and then prank phone call Orson Wells and tell him the aliens were invading.


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