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Helmut Newton

"There are two obscenities in photography: the art and good taste" - Helmut Newton

The epitome of the ultimate glamorous life, Helmut Newton was one of the best known photographers of the 20th century. With a portfolio that spans half a century and hundreds of personalities, Helmut Newton was a German-Australian photographer whose passion for photography developed since the age of 12.

Photographer Helmut Newton

He is best known for his photographs of fashion models and nude women. Some of the women who posed him as models include Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Nielsen, Grace Jones, Kate Moss, Karen Mulder, Monica Bellucci, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer.

Helmut Newton was born in 1920, as the son of a wealthy Jewish family in Berlin. After spending his childhood in Germany, Helmut Newton moved to Australia at the age of 20. He worked as a freelance photographer for ' Vogue ' from 1945. In 1957, he flew to Paris and worked for several more fashion magazines, including the ' Jardin des Modes ',' She ',' Queen ',' Playboy ',' Nova ',' Marie Claire ',' Stern ', not to mention the French, Italian, American, British and Australian editions of his most trusted magazine, 'Vogue'.

His style, sometimes sensual subjectivity is marked by erotic, stylized scenes with, and often by an underlying violence. From 1970, his wife June expanded into photography as well under the name Alice Springs. In 1977 the couple moved to rue de l'Abbe-of-the Sword.

The fashion, sex and power mix in Newton's snapshots have caused numerous controversies during his career. Feminists were outraged, while admirers saw his work as a tribute to feminine sensuality. However, Newton had never hidden his provocative intentions. A naked woman in a luxurious, inaccessible setting such as an airplane or a villa is Newton's trademark, which inspired numerous photographers after him.

He published his first book in 1975, and multiple retrospective exhibitions followed (at the Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris in 1984, among others). Newton spent the last years of his life residing in Monaco and Los Angeles.He died in Hollywood on January 23, 2004 in a car accident, his Cadillac SRX hitting one of the walls of the hotel Chateau Marmont. His place of rest is next to Marlene Dietrich's, at the Städtischer Friedhof III cemetery in Berlin.

Linda Evangelista by Helmut Newton

In 2012, the Grand Palace pays tribute to Helmut Newton with a retrospective of his black and white nudes, including Grace Jones, Kate Moss and Monica Bellucci. The exhibition takes place from March, 24 2012 to July, 30 2012 at The National Galleries of the Grand Palais and it has been put together by Newton's wife.

This is the first retrospective of Newton's work arranged by theme. The major themes that are exposed include the nude, the portrait, fashion, humor and sex. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone passionate about photography to admire some of the best original and vintage prints created by Newton.


The Rumor Mill

The rumor mill has stated that besides the accurate biography discussed above, Helmut Newton used to wear a crash helmet as a kid to protect him when he was banging his head against his cat.


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